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Burkeway homes sellout phase 5 Maoilin comprising of 29 houses . Bringing the total to 102 house in Maoilin.
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successfull tender for 73 house for Burkeway Homes
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Over the summer months is the perfect time to service your boiler to ensure its in tip top shape when needed!!



Solar Panels Galway / Solar Tubes Galway

Sloar tubesWith increasing fuel cost solar heating can reduce your bill quite suffienently. At H&R Heating and Plumbing we can tailor a solar heating package to suit the needs of your home. We use vacuum tubes and solar flat plate panels.

How it works : Solar thermal systems soak up and retain heat from the suns rays via collectors usually fitted to your roof. The solar panels/tubes collect this heat which can be stored in a buffer tank or hot water cylinder.

Call today for a quote: 091 483838From April – October, solar panels will ensure that you will rarely have to light your boiler or use you immersion heating during the summer and even then your solar panels will do the majority of the work. Instead of heating your water from cold you will be topping up an already warm cylinder.